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PASUM; FROG in Communication through Nerves

Last few weeks, the PASUM (Centre of Foundation Studies) students had their practical 6; Communication through Nerves. In this experiment, the students used frog to represent veretebrate..apsal la katak ek..kataakk jugak..setiap kali sebut katak, teringat kat filem Ali Setan..

There were a few sections of the experiment. In the first section, they had to study the voluntary response of the ‘normal’ frog. In the second section, the frog’s brain was damaged (known as pithing) to study the involuntary response.

thank you to Adila for lend her hand to handle the cute little frog..huhu..

The stimulies for voluntary & involuntary response for the frog were:
1-observe the normal frog on dissecting board
2-lay frog on the back and see the response
3-put the frog on the dissecting board and rotate. See the response. Then, rotate the board faster and see the response again
4-pinch 1 toe using a forcep, see the response
5-slant the dissecting board and see the response
6-put the frog in a beaker of water, see the response
7-using a thread given, hang the frog at a retort stand. Observe the response when the toe & thigh was touched with the acetic acid
8-touch the frog’s cornea with a seeker. See the difference of frog’s eye blinking with the human’s
9-count the number of breathing rate per minute

The final section was frog dissecting. Besides that, they had to study the human response for tendon & organ reflex too.

When the frog was still alive, the class was ‘really alive’ too. The lab went very happening, with the screamings lo..Luckily the lab assistants were there to help us, & the boys too..thank you guys..Still, there were a few moments for not to forget, 1 of the girl cried; at first she was geli of the frog, but then kesian la pulak when it came to the ‘pithing’ session..and 1 more, there were few of the boys takut of the frog..aiseh bang, x macho la camni..hehe..n last but not least, very salute to the cool girls with the cool+cold frog..walla..

I feel (…) today..wishing of doing something..yup, lots of ‘tasks’ waiting..Life Must Go On!! Time is Priceless.. Be Responsible..(ni ado kono mengono ko..apo2 yo la yeh..)

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